Blogging Future

In the future I hope that I could continue blogging. I have many ideas on what to post in the future, but all of my ideas are video game related because my blog is about video games. Also I think that reading other blogs can help me get other ideas in the future. In conclusion I think that there is a future for my blog

Blog Reflection

Blogging for me has been fun because of all of the challenges that were assigned to me. I participated on all 8 of the challenges. In an 8 week period I was able to accomplish to make 14 posts about all of the topics assigned to me. When I was making my blog it helped me understand what to post online and also what not to post online.

In addition to all of the things that I have written about already I have learned how to comment on other blogs. I have learned that whenever you comment on other blogs you have to be careful what you say because you may end up offending someone. Also when commenting on other blogs you have to try to be professional and use correct spelling and grammar. On my blog I have gotten 9 comments from people around the world and people in my class.

The post that I enjoyed writing the most is about the first major video game league. I enjoyed writing this post the most because I’ve got to inform people about the first major video game league about the game space invaders. Another reason that writing this post was my favorite is because this is one of the posts that I have the most information on. This is why that writing about the first major video game league was my favorite to write.

I think on this blog once in a while I will keep posting. I think I will keep posting because I think that every blog has potential to go somewhere. On my future posts I will give more detail on what I am writing about. All in all, in the future I will keep posting on this blog.

Week 7-Family Celebrations

I was assigned to choose 4 challenges for week 7. The task that I chose was to tell you about the holidays that I and my family celebrate. Here is the 3 major holidays that I and my family celebrate.

1. Thanksgiving: During Thanksgiving my family gathers all of my closest family members that could make it and we eat a huge meal

2. Christmas: During Christmas we also gather our closest family members and we try to get the best presents for others.

3. New Year’s: When New Year’s comes we stay up late and celebrate because we are happy that there is a new year

I found this photo on

Emoji Story Prompt

A police officer was on his job and he got a call that said that there was a speeding blue car who has refused to pull over. Five police cars were after him and finally they caught the man who was speeding and refusing to stop. After the police caught him they asked him why he was speeding and he told them that he was speeding because he wanted to get home. After the man told the police this they arrested him. The police man who arrested him was going on break after this arrest. The police man went to go get Chinese food and then he went to a petting zoo with many different animals. There was a bucket with worms because the people working at that petting zoo wanted to educate people on why worms are good for the environment. There were also goats at this petting zoo which he loved a lot because it reminded him of when he had a goat as a child. After he was finished with the petting zoo he went to go get donuts and was sad because they were stale. This made him furious and he ran a red light without noticing. A construction worker nearby flagged him down and told him what he had done. The police officer told the construction worker that he was mad about some donuts and they both laughed about it after. They became best friends and they both went on a vacation to the beach.




Music Prompt- Music and the Law

Do’s and Dont’s


  • Some websites allow you to pay to stream some of their music
  • Some music is free to use
  • You can also create your own music by yourself or with other people
  • You can buy something in real life like a disc to use


  • You cant use ay music in your own different projects
  • Do not download music from sites
  • Also, you can not use it in a group project
  • With a subscription you still can’t play their music publically

Music Prompt- Tell Us About An Instrument – Celesta

The task that I am assigned to do is to tell you about an instrument. The instrument that I am going to give you information about is the Celesta.

If you hear the word “celesta” there is a big chance that you do not know what this means. However, there is a high chance that you would recognize the music that it produces. The celesta was invented about 130 years ago in 1886 by Auguste Mustel, an organ maker. The celesta has a keyboard and it is shaped like an organ, but it sounds completely different. The sound is soft but able to carry over a good distance. Like a metallophone, celestas feature a graduated set of metal bars inside of it. When it is played hammers strike these bars and produce sound, making the celesta a percussion instrument with a keyboard action mechanism.

Below is the sound of this instrument. I found this information and the music on this website

Music Prompt – The Beatles

The band the Beatles were formed in July 6, 1957 by John Lennon and Paul McCartney in Liverpool England. John Lennon was 16 at the time playing with his skiffle group The Quarry-men at a church garden party. Paul McCartney 15 at the time was in the crowd watching John perform. The Quarry-men were performing “Come Go With Me” by The Del-Vikings. Though Lennon did not know the words, he adapted lyrics from the blues songs instead. Doing this Lennon impressed McCartney and McCartney met Lennon after the set. Later, Lennon remembered being not sure about partnering up with such a good musician, who might question him leading the group. After the group formed in the same year Stuart Sutcliffe joined the band and has been called the fifth beatle in the next year George Harrison decided to join the band. Then in August 1960 Pete Best joined the band to be the lead drummer. In 1962 the Beatles decided to replace Pete Best the original fourth beatle with Ringo Starr another good drummer. After the success of the Beatles in 1969 John Lennon told the other Beatles privately that he was leaving the group and in April 10th 1970 Paul McCartney said that he was leaving the Beatles. This was the end of the Beatles and they would go down in history for one of the best bands to ever live.

The First Major Video Game League,a%20version%20of%20%22Asteroids%22.


Today Mrs. Richards assigned us a task to look for a website read over it and write about it in our post. My post is about the first major video game league. The first major video game league was about a game called Space Invaders. Atari laid this cornerstone for the world’s first major eSports tournament in 1978. The early game classic was played in 1980 at the “Space Invader Championships” by over 10,000 gamers who competed against each other to win a version of “Asteroids”.On the 10th of October 1980, William Salvador Heineman was crowned the winner of the challenge. He was the first winner of a national video game competition. At the beginning of the post is the link to where I found my information for this text.

Image Task Cards

For week three of the blogging challenge, I decided to use this picture of the original Wii because it went with my blog Video Games History. It went with my blog because this is a console that got very popular and it is part of the history of one of the most popular video game consoles ever with 101.63 million sales. For the week three challenge, we were tasked with finding a creative commons image that was free to use with no copyright. To find this free to use image I went to this website. On this website, I searched Video games and this is one of the first things that popped up. After I clicked this photo it had the choice to download it or to save it to my drive, I chose to download it because I thought that it was easier. After I downloaded it I went back to my blog and added it to one of my posts.

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